Mr. King is definitely a skillful, knowledgeable, and gifted guitar instructor!  However he also is so much more. The first year of lessons, our son struggled with finding the time to practice amidst his academics and other extracurricular activities.  He did not make much progress, but he was determined to learn how to play the guitar. Mr. King was patient with him and never discouraged him or made him feel like a failure.

We made some time commitment changes at home, and since then he now spends hours and hours playing each week.

Mr. King guides him when he has questions about the different guitars and engages with our son in what has become a passion for all things music.  It was due in large measure to Mr. King’s encouragement that our son had the confidence to say yes when asked at our church to help start and lead the youth worship.  He has stated more than once he is sure is glad Mr. King did not give up on him. So are we!

~Therese Huston, parent

Dale King is a fantastic guitar teacher!  He taught my boys how to play and they loved it. Both were able to grasp the theory and get up to speed fairly quickly.  I highly recommend Dale for anyone looking to learn guitar!

-Jeff Eaton – Jeff Eaton State Farm Insurance Agency

For anyone out there looking to take guitar lessons in the Enid area, I strongly recommend Dale King. He is a great teacher and well loved by his students.

One of Dale’s top students, Luke Buthman, studied guitar with me at the college level while I was teaching at Oklahoma City University (OCU). Luke graduated OCU with a degree in guitar performance and was accepted into several prestigious Master’s programs for music.

On several occasions I have had the opportunity to hear Dale’s younger students while judging various guitar competitions. All of them were well prepared and top quality young players.

~Michael Fresonke

Private Guitar Teacher in the Oklahoma City Area

Lead Guitar Instructor at OCU, 2001-2013

MA in Music, UMKC

BA in Music, OCU

I have had just a few guitar lessons from Dale. I found him to be very patient, informative and extremely clear in his instruction. I would recommend him highly for adult guitar lessons.

~Jerry Flynn – local pastoral staff

Dale is a good teacher. He gets students on the right track reading music. As a fellow guitar teacher in Enid I’ve seen students of his do really well.

~Billy Beck – guitarist, guitar teacher, and music store owner

Dale King is not only an excellent teacher but a highly accomplished musician as well. He teaches all skill levels and ages, easily adapting his methods to the needs of individual students. His non-intimidating instructional style is perfect for anyone.  I would highly recommend him.

~Dena Haselwander – concert violinist, bluegrass fiddler, and lifetime music educator

Mr. King is passionate about teaching guitar. He truly cares about his students and seeks to help them understand the techniques needed to succeed in their musical endeavors.

~Eva Bartley – parent

I would like to give a brief overview of what got me interested into learning how to play the guitar. As I was growing up I always knew I wanted to learn how to play the guitar. I never thought I could learn how to play it even though it was something that always roamed in the back of my head. As I was growing, I found myself going into depression and I thought it was the perfect time to focus on doing something productive and something that I loved. From the very first time I met Dale, his amiable personality made it easy and fun for me to learn from him. Although I only got the chance to practice and learn from Dale for such little time, I learned a lot. He always had good tips on how I could improve my skills and always challenged me to go further than what I thought I was capable of doing. In the first six months, Dale brought up Tri-State and encouraged me to participate in it. For such a short time practicing my skills, I felt that I wasn’t ready, but Dale encouraged me to give it a try. I practiced that whole month before Tri-State and ended up getting 1rst place in the Guitar Solo division (Outstanding Soloist). I was very proud that I had come that far in such little time. Unfortunately, shortly after that, I had to stop going to my guitar lessons because of work and college. If it wasn’t for college and work getting in the way, I would definitely be improving my skills on the guitar and doing what I absolutely love. I would highly recommend getting lessons from Dale King to any one that wants to learn or improve their guitar skills. He is patient, has effective methods of teaching, and encourages you to step out of your comfort zone. I don’t regret choosing Dale as my teacher!

~Cindy Olivas – former student

If you are looking for a guitar teacher to either help you elevate your playing, develop your skills, or if you are just starting out with music and learning an instrument, look no further than Mr. Dale King. Not only is Mr. King a fantastic guitar player, he is also a man with an intense passion for music itself – something which is vital when searching for a teacher of any kind. Mr. King has a true love for what he does and he has the desire for his students to share that love of music and playing the guitar. Along with these traits, he is also simply awesome at teaching guitar. He is great at helping his students set realistic goals for themselves and their musical progress, and then helping them accomplish those goals. Mr. King is a patient teacher, and every lesson is a fun learning experience.

~Levi Huston – current student

The thought of having a good instructor means a lot. Not only to me as a parent, but to my son, Ethan, who is currently under the learning instructions of Mr. Dale King, who by the way is an EXCELLENT instructor. Ethan has had an interest in playing the guitar a long time and even more interest since he has been under In training with Mr. King. I don’t have any regrets of allowing Ethan to be taught by him. Mr. King possesses patience and his way of teaching is magnificent. Ethan has improved tremendously with reading notes and playing in our worship services. I am truly thankful that God has blessed us with such a great teacher.  

~Shermeta Brown – parent

Taking guitar lessons with Dale was a pivotal time in my life. I had been learning for a few months on my own but got to a point where I felt stuck. Dale changed all of that! His patience and good-nature provided a warm environment that felt safe to learn and grow in. I was eventually able to go to college for guitar and even received a very good scholarship!

Having this in my life was really positive. I loved having something that I could be good at and practice, something besides video games. But it wasn’t only guitar that I learned from Dale. He was a very positive figure in my life and became a lifelong friend.

I don’t know if there are many guitar teachers around like Dale, but there should be. I will forever remember my drive to his house, lugging in my guitar, and having something to look forward to in a non-judgmental, uplifting environment. It will remain one of the best experiences I have had in my life.

~Luke Buthman – former student, guitarist/teacher, IT professional, and friend

I have known Dale King for several years and found him to be an exceptional and gifted guitar teacher with a unique ability to bring out the best qualities in each of his students. Dale’s students consistently demonstrate technical proficiency, confidence, and musicality in their performances.  I highly recommend Dale as a teacher without reservation.

~Max Ridgway

Adjunct Instructor of Music/Guitar

Fine Arts Department

Northwestern Oklahoma State University

I’m having the time of my life learning to play the bass. Dale instilled confidence in me, and that makes it FUN!

~Mike Paine

Instrument tech at Sunoco Logistics

Owner at Three P Bucking Bulls / Farms

Co-Owner at 3P Cattle & Equipment Transport LLC

Volunteer Firefighter at Drummond Volunteer Fire Department 

Through seven years of guitar instruction for my son, Dale King displayed an outstanding ability to teach and inspire him to continue increasing his skill level and mastery.  Dale does this by offering patience and cordial personal interactions.

Dale has been professional in communication with us both in person and by way of text.  He promptly me texts in order to relay necessary information or schedule changes. He offers workable solutions to accommodate both parties.

Dale King has exceeded expectations through his expertise of knowledge and ability to motivate his students to develop a love of playing guitar. My son is still playing at the age of 29 due to the foundation of skills gained under the tutelage of Mr.King.

~Virgina Tines – Enid Public School employee and parent

Dale taught our daughter guitar for 2 years. He has a lot of patience and talent for teaching kids. He didn’t mind if we wanted to stay to watch the lessons.  He was always encouraging. Dale is one of a kind. Our family highly recommends Guitar Tuna!

~Lee & Sharon Semrad – parents

I cannot commend Guitar Tuna enough!  As an introverted adult, it’s very difficult for me to try new things.  I had always wanted to learn to play guitar and my whole family is musical so I gave it a shot.  Dale was infinitely patient and encouraging, even when my confidence was less than perfect. His skill is evident and he easily adjusts lessons to target specific areas that need attention, or just things that you want to learn more about.  Highly recommended, you won’t be disappointed.  

~Michelle Harmon – former student
For 3 years while I lived in Enid OK I had the pleasure of taking guitar lessons with Dale King.  I had no previous guitar experience and had only tried some beginner books on my own. I knew I needed the structure of an actual instructor and I’m so fortunate to have found “the guitar tuna” after doing an internet search for guitar instructors in the area.  Dale teaches classic guitar technique and right from the start we worked on proper hand positioning and holding the guitar. Getting the fundamentals down early would prove very beneficial. We established a weekly scheduled lesson, with a learning assignment following each lesson to work on for the following week.  Dale used a great stair step approach to learning and at no time did I feel overwhelmed by the instruction. The thing I appreciated the most was his flexibility with scheduling lessons. My schedule was constantly shifting and Dale would use other openings in his schedule to fit me in for the week. At one point I went on vacation and he went so far as to offer instruction over Skype.  I can’t recommend him enough for guitar instruction at whatever level you are at on your guitar playing journey.

~Christian Dennis – Air Force Pilot, former student

I have been a musician my entire life, and have been a successful music teacher in public education for 37 years.  I have also been a student of Dale’s as well as having watched what Dale has done for my son Bob’s guitar education.

Dale King is a wonderful teacher and a very moral man.  His teaching methods are very good, and his lessons are fun.  You will get more than your money’s worth at each lesson, and with practice on your part, you will progress quickly, and with solid technique which will make advanced playing much easier.

Dale took my son as a student years ago, and he is now playing at a professional level. Dale was not only a great teacher for him, but also a very positive role model, and I feel that he helped influence him to become the successful man that he now has become.

You must be careful in choosing a teacher.  They must have the teaching skills to have progressive repertoire and be sure that you actually know how to read music, not just play by rote.  Anytime a young student begins music lessons on any instrument, there will be an initial excitement. After a period of time the newness will wear off, in most cases, and it takes a good teacher to keep their lessons and studies fun, and keep their enthusiasm high.  I feel that Dale is a master of this. A parent does not want to go to the expense of purchasing an instrument, paying monthly fees, etc, and then watch practice and enthusiasm wane.  With Dale, you will have a very high percentage of success in seeing that your monetary investment will bring your desired results.

I have had an active involvement in music competitions in this area for many years, and I have always noted that Dale’s students always have a very high percentage of Superior ratings, and Outstanding Soloists.

Giving Dale King the job of teaching your student will be one of the best investments you could ever make.

~Charles Belknap, former student, musician, retired teacher, professional piano tuner

Prior to my 61st birthday, I had never picked up a guitar of any kind. I knew Mr. King as an accomplished guitarist and instructor. He played a part in getting the Lead Guitar program started in the Enid School system, under the direction of Brad Richter, professional guitarist and creator of the Lead Guitar Program. I was thrilled when Mr. King agreed to be my guitar instructor. All I can say about my friend and instructor is this: “a teacher is not a teacher until somebody learns (unknown)”. Under Mr. King’s tutelage, I learned basic music theory and how it relates to the guitar fretboard, knowledge of many of the basic chords and some strum patterns, along with playing with fingerstyle technique on the right hand. Mr. King is truly a teacher because he taught this 63 year old gal to learn and appreciate music, through her own hands.

~Mary Ann Free – former student

I’ve been a music teacher for 45 years.  What fun I am having! I’ve long wanted to play guitar, but haven’t had the confidence to really tackle it.  So, in November of 2017, I decided to start lessons with Dale King on bass guitar. I’m loving it. I’m learning some fun licks and patterns and Dale even lets me jam with him.  Give it a try! Did you know that music is an amazing brain-builder?

~Nancy Dillard – music educator, multi-instrument musician and vocalist, current student

As a 14-year-old, I had managed to teach myself a few chords, melodies, and simple songs – then I felt stuck. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I showed up to my first guitar lesson, but I quickly discovered that one of Dale’s many strengths is making anyone around him feel welcome and comfortable. He immediately started me on a methodical progression of fingerstyle guitar. At first I didn’t think the work I was putting in lent itself to my (admittedly) naive visions of rockstar persona, but soon I was starting to read music, understand the patterns inherent in music, and use my hands and fingers independently of one another. Dale continued to encourage me, making sure to introduce some of those “rockstar” songs as my abilities kept developing.

Recitals were something that he pushed all of his students to participate in. I’ll never forget my first one – I made a lot of mistakes and played too fast, but the sense of accomplishment and newfound desire to continue challenging myself has stuck with me to this day. The lessons I learned from Dale helped give me the foundations to continue learning on my own. As a 21-year-old in college, I was offered a job teaching guitar lessons, and for three and a half years that helped to pay for my education. When I began my career teaching in Enid’s school system, it was no surprise to see how Dale’s influence on the students and his presence in the community had both continued to grow.

I’ve befriended a lot of people through music that I might never have known as well otherwise. As a 31-year-old today, I still play and perform regularly. It’s a blessing to have something in life that I can use to express/influence emotions, something that I can control, something that is universal and collaborative. Dale has taken a huge part in bestowing that blessing for me, and I would recommend him as a guitar instructor to anybody!

~Tanner Bryan – former high school teacher and guitar instructor

Dale is a great teacher, from extreme basics like I needed, up to as far as you want to go. He really knows his stuff. The weekly lessons are just right for review and planning what to practice throughout the week. I thoroughly enjoyed learning to play guitar with Dale. I highly recommend him if you’re wanting to learn guitar.

~Benjamin Millis – local farrier, amateur pilot, and country/bluegrass lover