Studio Policy

Vacation / Studio Closing Policy

Guitar Tuna is a year-round teaching studio. The studio teaching schedule is based on 45 lessons per year. This allows for holiday studio closings, vacation, closing due to illness (mine or yours) and unexpected events that make it impossible for you to attend your scheduled lesson.

Free Introductory Lesson

In order to get acquainted, answer your questions and evaluate the playability of your guitar, I invite you to schedule a free introductory lesson. Just call the studio at 580-747-2526 to schedule it.

Summer Lessons Policy

Students are encouraged to continue lessons throughout the summer. If you choose not to take lessons in the summer, be aware that your lesson day / time may no longer be available in the fall.

Missed Lessons

If you miss a lesson, there is no refund or credit. If notified in advance, and the studio schedule allows, I am happy to arrange a make-up lesson.

Tuition Policy

Tuition is due on or before the first lesson of each month. You will receive one 30 – minute lesson per week.