We did it again!

Guitar Tuna students excelled at the recent Tri-State Music Festival in Enid, Oklahoma. All 8 students who performed received a 1 – the highest possible. Two students took home the Outstanding Soloist Award – Jared Goldman on classical guitar and Kelley Carr on the bass guitar. Congratulations to all of the Guitar Tuna students who participated at Tri-State and thank you for all your hard work.

Kelley Carr, 1 rating and Outstanding Soloist, electric bass

Jared Goldman 1 rating and Outstanding Soloist, classical guitar

Addison Bartley 1 rating, classical guitar

Morgan Meyer 1 rating, acoustic guitar

Kedryn Andrukaitis 1 rating, classical guitar

Kayla Ingram 1 rating, classical guitar

Christian McGugin 1 rating, classical guitar

Jaylen Winters 1 rating, classical guitar



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